Fardos was his first international success, comprising three huge rolls covered in suede and bound by canvas bands. This piece was featured at the Equipment Exposition that was held first in Paris and then in Berlin, in 1971.

The reward for his avant-garde and courageous work came in 1975 when Ricardo was invited to carry out the decoration of the new building for O Estado de São Paulo (Estadão), one of the largest newspapers in Brazil.

His iconic Esfera lounge armchair is today at the MOMASF’
collection but certainly, his most emblematic piece is the Anel lounge armchair.

His short though fertile career as a designer was marked by uninterrupted and frenetic production, seeking perfection of form while exploring the potential of a range of materials that included steel, fiberglass, leather, and especially resin, with design and technical solutions far ahead of his time.

" Either the material demands a shape or the shape indicates the material. Designers are prisoners of that relationship." RF