Ricardo Fasanello was born in São Paulo in 1930 and died in Rio de Janeiro in 1993. He began to demonstrate his talent early on by designing and building a sailboat at 14 and, at the age of 18, building small lofts designed by him. own. Leading a group of artisans and artists, he opened his own studio in Rio de Janeiro, in the inspiring and bohemian Santa Teresa neighborhood, thus starting his career as a furniture designer. His long and troubled experience has helped to develop his pioneering skills, making his furniture store a true design laboratory. Bales was his first international hit, consisting of three huge suede-covered rolls tied by strips of canvas. This piece was presented at the Equipment Exposition, first in Paris and later in Berlin, in 1971. The reward for his bold and cutting-edge work came in 1975, when Ricardo was invited to decorate the new building of O Estado de São Paulo. (Estadão), one of the largest newspapers in Brazil. Her fertile career as a designer has been marked by uninterrupted and frenetic production, striving for perfection of form and exploring the potential of a range of materials including steel, fiberglass, leather and especially resin, with very technical designs and solutions. ahead of your time.

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